Sunday, March 22, 2009

Come What May, and Love It

As I was reading the blog of one of my good friends the other day and I came across this post. With her permission, I'm directing traffic to it.

Her post beautifully illustrates the power of God in helping us with any trial or tough situation. My friend explains how she was going through a difficult time, nothing as severe as loss of health, a job, or a loved one, but certainly difficult to her at the time. Our trials needn't be the worst trial anyone has heard of or the worst one we have ever experienced in order to qualify for the help of our Heavenly Father, that's one of the beautiful things about the Atonement. Sometimes just being alone, disappointed, or an accumulation of a number of lesser things is just too much and we don't know how to bear it. God the Father knows our pains and sufferings and He reaches out in each situation.

The words of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin helped her realize how to best act in order to endure this trial as to both learn from it and better herself in the process. The words of the Lord through the prophets and apostles have that power if we but turn to them in our times of need.

I am grateful that the Lord speaks to us in our day both through living apostles and prophets and though the Holy Ghost as we pray and seek guidance and comfort.