Sunday, June 28, 2009

This Do in Remembrance of Me

This week's article is about the sacrament. I wanted to do something about keeping the Sabbath day holy but that is turning into a post on its own rather than simply an article of the week. Instead, I chose one aspect of the Sabbath--the most important aspect--and that is the sacrament.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, in a General Conference address some fourteen years ago, gave this talk entitled, "This Do in Remembrance of Me." In this talk, Elder Holland helps us better understand the importance of the sacrament and what we can do to better show our appreciation of this sacred ordinance. He explains that the sacrament is the real purpose of our church meetings and that the ordinance should be the focus of the entire meeting.

The sacrament is one of the most important ordinances we have been given because through it we renew the promises and covenant that we made at baptism. Let us not undervalue this sacred ordinance.