Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Isn't the Bible Enough?"

The article this week comes from the March 1986 Ensign. It was written by A. Edward Carlson, Jr., a member of the Church who worked on offshore oil rigs all over the world. He wrote about an experience he had on an oil rig off the coast of England and his article, entitled, "'Isn't the Bible Enough'," was published in the Ensign.

Read this story and figure out how the events described relate to your own life. James had a real friendship with His Father in Heaven and prayed daily to Him to show his love. James also understood the importance of scripture and had made the Bible an important part of his life.

After meeting Edward, James realized that the Book of Mormon is not simply a good book but that not detract from the Bible, but was, in fact, comparable to the Bible and is Holy Scripture together with the Bible. Like James, we too can petition God to know truth. Just as James fasted and prayed to know whether the Book of Mormon is true, so can each of us. Our Father in Heaven hears and answers our prayers.

The faith James showed by acting on the answer he received blessed the lives of him and his posterity. Learn from this story-there are many more just like it. Learn the truth for yourself, by the power of the Holy Ghost you may know the truth of all things.