Sunday, May 30, 2010

When the Lord Commands

I love the article this week. It is very clear cut and well explained with well-defined blessings. Read it.

During the most recent General Conference (the semi-annual event in which the Prophet, the apostles, and other General Authorities all gather together and speak to the Church and the world) Elder Bruce A. Carlson of the Seventy gave a talk entitled, "When the Lord Commands."

Elder Carlson spoke about how, "occasionally we believe that there must be an easier way, a shortcut or modification of the Lord's commandments that will accommodate our individual circumstances." He then went on to teach that:

"Our partial or selective compliance with God's laws will fail to bring the full blessings of obedience."

"Obedience to the Lord's commands, in spite of how trivial or unimportant we believe them to be, will surely bring His promised blessings."


"Faithful obedience, regardless of the apparent size of the task, will bring the Lord's guidance, assistance, and peace."

I have learned that "when the Lord commands, do it." I know that the Lord gives us commandments so that we may learn, grow, and be happy. When we do as He asks, we are blessed and we live happier, more full lives. Yes, it is that simple. Perhaps not easy, but simple. And very worth it.