Thursday, November 18, 2010

Because of Your Faith

The article of the week is coming a bit early this week.

During Institute this week we read and discussed a talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles from the most recent General Conference entitled, "Because of Your Faith." In our discussion, one girl pointed out that this talk is the perfect Thanksgiving talk. I thought her comment was quite insightful because although Elder Holland may not have said much about the doctrine behind the Christlike attribute of gratitude, he expresses so much gratitude to so many people for their service in the church and to each other.

Elder Holland references "Mormon culture" a lot so those of you who aren't familiar with the green jell-o and girls' camp references, bear with him and finish reading; you will be touched with a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude.

I challenge each of you to do two things this week: 1- Call or visit your parents and express your gratitude to them for whatever you feel appropriate. Do this. For a lot of you this will be relatively easy and simple because you may see them on Thanksgiving. But I know that some of you are sitting there reading this thinking that your situation is unique and that you aren't in a position or don't have the desire to talk to your parents. I don't care. Do it anyways. Although I do not pretend to understand your situation I do know that if you call or visit or in someway express your gratitude to your parents in words if not immediately someday it will bless each of your lives. 2- Recognize some act for which you should express gratitude to someone else in your daily life. You can do this too. When you have accomplished either or both of these tasks, please feel free to share your stories with me and the other readers by either commenting here on the blog, on facebook, or via email @

This is the second in a series of Thanksgiving posts in the spirit of the season. Enjoy!