Sunday, October 23, 2011

Promptings, Revelations, and Directions from the Spirit

The promptings, revelations, and directions from the Spirit never cease to amaze me. A while back one Sunday at church, the teacher of the missionary preparation Sunday school class did not show up and the class was left without a teacher. The responsibility of the class then fell on me. I have a strong testimony of the mission prep class; what is taught in that class is so vital and helpful to the Church and to the members of the class and I didn't want to just have them go to a different class for a day so I opted to teach the class myself.

Without a plan, I went into the classroom praying for inspiration and guidance from the Lord that I may be able to facilitate a lesson for the 45-minute class. I had previous lesson plans in my scriptures from when I taught that same class the year before and I began to review those in hopes that one would stand out and give me at least a starting point for a discussion. Nothing did. We prayed, we reviewed Doctrine and Covenants 4 that the members of the class were challeged to memorize, and we started. As I opened my mouth, I was prompted to share a certain scripture and then ask for questions. That sparked a discussion filled with other comments and questions and as we searched the scriptures for answers and shared experiences, the influence of the Spirit was strong and all were edified. Soon the class was over. As the potential full-time missionaries were leaving, I was humbled and my heart was filled with gratitude for the help I received and the Spirit we felt as we discussed the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to better share His great message.

I love the scripture recorded in the 100th section of the Doctrine and Covenants that reads, "speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts . . . .

"For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea in the very moment, what ye shall say."

And then the promise:

"And I give unto you this promise, that inasmuch as ye do this the Holy Ghost shall be shed forth in bearing record unto all things whatsoever ye shall say."

That promise was fulfilled in that small missionary prep class in Boise, Idaho that day. I went in to that class not knowing beforehand what I should say but with faith that as I asked what the Lord would have the members of that class know, I would receive and all would be "edified and rejoice together" (D&C 50:22).

His promises are true.