Sunday, December 25, 2011

VIDEO--Look to the Light

Remember this Christmas day the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. President Thomas S. Monson, the Lord's prophet in our day, taught, "To catch the real meaning of the 'spirit of Christmas,' we need only drop the last syllable, and it becomes the 'Spirit of Christ.'"1

Christmas is the time that we celebrate the miraculous birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. At this time perhaps most of all we are more mindful of the needs of those around us. We feel and express gratitude for our blessings, including our families and others in our lives. We are motivated to emulate the example of Him whose birth we honor this day.

Jesus Christ came into the world to show us the way back to our Father in Heaven.2 He alone was perfect in every aspect and He bids us to come and follow His example.3 Motivated by His great love for each of us, He suffered for our sins and our afflictions.4 He knows how to comfort and help us.5 His call to each of us is to come and take His yoke upon us, that our burdens may be light.6

I am forever grateful for my Father in Heaven and His Son. I am forever indebted to Jesus Christ for the matchless gift of His great atoning sacrifice. As I think on the eternal significance of the Atonement, I am motivated to lift up and serve those around me. Let us all lift up the hands that hang down and strengthen the feeble knees of our neighbors this Christmas season. Let us be the hands of the Savior to bless the lives of our brothers and sisters today and throughout the rest of our lives.


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