Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Great and Wonderful Love

In our day, many things press us for our time and attention. Temptations of every kind constantly bombard us from every direction. The world would have us believe that we need to be prettier, smarter, more powerful, and richer. Amidst these distractions, the real purpose of life and those things that are of real importance that bring true satisfaction and happiness can become lost.

This week's article helps us to understand what is most important and helps us focus on the love that God has for each of us. The article is entitled “The Great and Wonderful Love,” and is a talk given by Elder Anthony D. Perkins of the quorum of the seventy in the October 2006 General Conference.

Satan wants us to feel inadequate, exaggeratedly imperfect, and guilty for things of which we have fully repented, each of which are contrary to that which the Atonement teaches and are not feelings from a loving Heavenly Father. In response to these unheavenly feelings, Elder Perkins offers—"in addition to consistent prayers, scripture study, and Church and temple attendance—five changes to your thoughts and heart to more fully feel the tender love of God." The principles taught in this article are from God. Apply them in your life.

Since life is enough of a challege even with His help, we need not make our lives even harder by prescribing to the way Satan would have us feel and forgetting God's love. Our Heavenly Father loves every one of us since He created us. He is our Father in Heaven and He looks out for us.